JavaScript January
JavaScript January

All JavaScript. All January.

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JavaScript January is a curated collection of blogs and tutorials on JavaScript, published every day in January. 

The idea was born in 2017 while I was at LibertyJS. It's based heavily on SysAdvent — another amazing community — and is a collection of 31 blogs and tutorials about JavaScript. 

You'll hear from all sorts of folks in the JavaScript community (and a few beyond!) about a variety of topics. Our authors are developers, teachers and people passionate about sharing ideas. 

I deeply believe in our community. If you have a suggestion on how to make JavaScript January even better, please shoot me an email or find me on Twitter



I’m incredibly grateful to Microsoft for supporting this project. It is an absolute honor to serve as a Cloud Advocate. To learn more about our role in developer relations, read Developer Relations: (More Than) The Art of Talking Good.

If you’re interested in learning more about Azure for JavaScript, please visit our docs.



I also want to thank RedMonk — specifically Rachel Stephens and Kelly Fitzpatrick — without whom this year’s JavaScript January would not have happened. RedMonk is a developer-focused industry analyst firm. And I am forever grateful for their support.